Bylaws, Policies and Forms

WEHL Bylaws

WEHL Policies

Bytown Playing Guidelines

WEHL Annual General Meetings

Year Presentation Minutes
2023-24 AGM Presentation 2023-24 Minutes 2023-24
2022-23 AGM Presentation 2022-23 Minutes 2022-23
2021-22 AGM Presentation 2021-22 Minutes 2021-22
2020-21 AGM Presentation 2020-21 Minutes 2020-21
2019-20 AGM Presentation 2019-20 Minutes 2019-20
2018-19 AGM Presentation 2018-19 Minutes 2018-19

Risk and Safety Documents

Independent Safe Sport Complaint Process

To help ensure a safe space for raising concerns, a new, fully independent and confidential reporting mechanism for all individuals regarding any incidents involving Hockey Canada sanctioned programming as outlined in the Hockey Canada Action Plan has been established. This reporting mechanism is known as the Independent Third Party:
Independent Safe Sport Complaint Process