What you Need to Know about Affiliations

Coaches & Managers, please ensure you read and understand these rules at the start of the season. Keep this page handy in case you ever need to affiliate a player.

The purpose of Player affiliations is to ensure that teams have the opportunity to dress up to the appropriate number of Players for each game. Affiliated Players for teams at the House League level may be used to affiliate up to a total of 17 skaters and two goalies, regardless of the original team roster size. In addition, it’s an opportunity to introduce kids to a higher caliber of play through games and practices which encourages player development.

The full details are on the BMHL web site at:

Bytown District Affiliation Policy

Players may only affiliate to a higher category/division team; The diagram below illustrates which levels teams can affiliate players FROM.

For example Midget HL B can affiliate from Bantam HL B and Bantam HL AMidget HL A can affiliate from Midget HL B and Bantam HL A,