Required Equipment

Full equipment must be worn at both practices and games, in all age categories.  Equipment need not be new, but whatever your child wears ought to be in good condition and fit properly. It is especially important that skates be the right size and sharpened regularly during the season.

Full equipment consists of:

  • CSA-approved helmet with wire face guard.  Note: Helmet expiration sticker must be legible and the helmet must be unexpired. Helmet condition is subject to review throughout the season.
  • Mouth guard
  • BNQ-approved throat protector (bib-style recommended)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Hockey suspenders (optional)
  • Hockey pants
  • Elbow pads
  • Practice Jersey for IP5, IP6, Junivile divisions.  (Note: Game jerseys are supplied by WEHL for all divisions, and practice jersey's for Atom to Midget.) 
  • Hockey gloves
  • Athletic supporter (aka jock or jill)
  • Garter belt (may not be required if athletic supporter is in shorts style with velcro strips) 
  • Hockey socks - game socks to coordinate with game jerseys are included in registration fee
  • Shin guards
  • Long underwear or something comfortable for wearing under equipment
  • Skates
  • Stick of appropriate length (to nose when wearing skates)
  • Hockey tape for the stick
  • Hockey bag 

The SENS FOUNDATION & CANADIAN TIRE JUMPSTART have a program for gently used and new hockey equipment: