Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) requires all volunteers to attend special clinics to ensure we meet Hockey Canada's standards and receive proper training. Many of these classes are done online when it is convenient for you! Volunteering is a rewarding experience and the training is worthwhile to help prepare you for the role you'd like to take on!

What clinics and/or certifications do I need to volunteer?

Below is a table outlining other training/certification requirements:

**NOTE: These tables have been blessed by Hockey Canada (Oct 2017). Hockey Canada has added in new training requirements this year, and with half-ice coming to Novice in the upcoming seasons, some of the requirements will be changing. We will update these tables as soon as we are aware of any changes.

Relevant links for further information on clinics:

WEHL Expense Reimbursement Form(.xls) to be used for reimbursement for coaching fees and other administrative league costs