As a rule, the WEHL does not accept or encourage transfers to or from the league except in certain circumstances as below.

*Not sure if you’re part of the WEHL catchment area?  Check here:

There are two types of transfers that the WEHL accepts:  transfers from other Bytown Associations and transfers from outside of Bytown.  The league that the player is transferring into is responsible for posting the transfer application after the parent completes it.  So, if you’re in the WEHL and want to transfer out of the WEHL, contact the other league’s registrar to start the process.  Also, please note that transfers must be approved and the reason for the transfer given.

Reasons for transferring into the WEHL include:

  • Player’s primary residence has changed (in the event of separation or divorce, new proof of residency must be given) and the new residence is in the WEHL catchment area.
  • Player is grandfathered into the WEHL (has played previous years in the WEHL even though outside of catchment area)
  • Player’s home association league is full but WEHL has room for the player

Reasons for transferring out of the WEHL include:

  • Player’s primary residence has changed and player no longer lives in the WEHL catchment area
  • Player is going to play competitive hockey (Sting, Golden Knights, Junior 67s, etc.)

Additional Details can be found at the Bytown District Transfer Page

To transfer into the WEHL, contact our Registrar to begin the process.