Police Record Check

All volunteers will be happy to know that the Police Record check process is now online! All WEHL volunteers must complete a Police Records Check (PRC) and show proof of completed PRC to WEHL VP Risk and Safety every three years.


Steps to apply for your PRC:

  1. Obtain a volunteer police check letter from the WEHL VP of Risk & Safety.  With this letter, the fees for a PCR are waived.
  2. Go to the OPS Police Check website to create an account and log-in to their system.  (Note/Tip: Each time you log-in, it is a two step process - first you enter your user name and password, and then you must enter a confirmation number they send you after step 1)
  3. Complete the application process. The system will ask you for some personal details such as date and place of birth and your SIN number.  They also use Equifax and ask for personal info such as where you bank etc. and verify your identification.
  4. Once your identification is verified, you will be required to upload a PDF of the volunteer letter that was provided by the VP of Risk & Safety.
  5. Upon completion, you need to email a copy of your completed Police Records Check to the WEHL VP of Risk & Safety. This is an important final step!


What if I don't pass the online process?

If for some reason further identification is required from you by the OPS after completing the online process, you will have to go into their Queensview location to verify who you are. This happens with about one third of PRC's.  If you are required to provide fingerprints, please email the WEHL VP of Risk & Safety for an additional letter that will allow you to waive the fingerprinting fee.

Remember that your Police Records Check does expire - you will need to renew it if it's more than three years old.