WEHL Tournaments At Bell Sensplex


The 2022-23 WEHL Tournament has not been confirmed for this year. An anouncement will be made when/if the tournament is scheduled

For more information on other tournaments go to the Sensplex Youth Tournament website: http://www.sensplex.ca/youth-tournaments 


As the host association, priority is given to WEHL teams wishing to participate in the WEHL tournaments at the Bell Sensplex.  While your acceptance in these events is guaranteed, you will have until October 19th to confirm your participation before losing this priority access. If you wish to participate in the WEHL Tournaments at Bell Sensplex, you must register before October 15 to guarantee acceptance in the tournament.  After that date, registration is open to the waiting list of outside teams and we will not be able to guarantee a spot for WEHL teams (no matter how nicely you ask or beg!)

As host teams, WEHL teams participating in the WEHL tournaments are entitled to a $100 discount over the total posted entry fee amount. Teams paying by credit card will automatically have this $100 deducted when their fee is charged. 

In addition, as host teams, those WEHL teams wishing to use their tournament as a fundraising opportunity, are more than welcomed to do so. If your team would like to organize a fundraising initiative during the WEHL tournaments, please contact our VP Administration ( vp_administration@westendhockey.com) to coordinate your plans. The VP Admin will communicate with Bell Sensplex and ask for approval of your chosen activity, inform you of any lottery/raffle licenses you will need to apply for and arrange for any support materials (tables, chairs, space, etc..) from Bell Sensplex. All fundraising activities during WEHL Tournaments at Bell Sensplex must be approved by VP Administration before executing.