Registration will open for the 2022-2023 season on June 4th

As the season has begun, before registering, please contact the registrar at to discuss options.

Players Trying out for a Competitive Team:


We are trying a new district-wide system to register players for District B competitive (Golden Knights, Sting, Junior 67s).  You must register with your home association (West End) prior to contacting the competitive league for tryout; there is no registration fee for this. Players who are accepted on a competitive team will pay their fees directly to the competitive association. If you are released from District B try-outs, you are asked to quickly register for West End’s house league program. Players who have not registered for West End’s house league program will not be contacted for house league sort-outs. Players who register for house league and are accepted into District B competitive will be subjected to an administration fee.

NOTE: If you accidentally register for both competitive and house league, and are accepted into District B competitive, you will be charged an administration fee for cancelling your house league registration per our  Refunds and Rebates.

Transferring into the WEHL from Another League: 

As a rule, the WEHL does not accept or encourage transfers to or from the league except in certain circumstances as outlined on our  Transfers page


****NOTE: Hockey Canada Registry (eHockey) updated its registration site for the 2021/22 season. If you did not register for last season then you need to create a new logon at:

     Hockey Canada HCR 3.0.

The new login will consist of the parent’s personal e-mail address and their newly created password.

For help with creating a new account, click here.

Once your new account has been created, you will be able to find your profile, along with profiles of others in your family, and then “link” the family members.  This will make it easier to apply discounts at the time of registration because your children will be tied to your account.

Returning Players: Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Paying by Credit Card Online

Step Returning Players
(played a previous season(s) in the WEHL)
1 Sign in 
2 Register
  • After logging in (or creating a new account), click on the “Link a Member” button. Any associated player(s) and registration history will show.
  • If you are registering a player that you've never registered online before, you need to link that player to your account. Select “Link a Member” and follow the instructions for registering a player not yet on your account.
3 Pay
  • Online registration is available if you’re paying by credit card.  See instructions below for other payment options.
  • All donations to the WEHL sponsorship fund are graciously accepted and can be made while registering online. All donations are applied directly to help kids play the sport they love.

Paying by Certified Cheque or Money Order

By request, payment can be made by cash, certified cheque, or money order.  If you do not wish to pay online by credit card, please contact West End Registration at  to make alternative arrangements.

NEW Players: Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

If you have registered other children in the past, please pay attention to the steps below, as the instructions have changed.

We have streamlined the process and improved the security of our New Player registration process. New Player registration is now online, and step-by-step instructions are included.

Register a New Player

New Player registration is reserved for first-time players, who have never previously registered for organized hockey ("learn-to-skate" programs may not apply). If your child has played outside of West End Hockey (for a different Ottawa team, or in another district in Canada), you should register as a Returning or Transfer Player. If you are unsure, e-mail your child's name and date of birth to for verification.

New Players           (have never played minor hockey and do not have a Hockey Canada profile/account yet)
1* Request a Hockey Canada profile for your child
  • This is a one-time action that must be completed by the West End Registrar, using information you provide in an online form.
  • Select this link and fill in the form to reqest your child's Hockey Canada account. 

      Register a New Player

2* Create your own (parent) Hockey Canada profile
3 Register for the season
  • Once you have created your parent account, and have received your child's Hockey Canada account information, please perform a "Link a Member" option to link any family members to your parent account prior to registering.
  • During the open registration period, this step can be done at the same time as Step 2.  
4 Pay
  • Online payment can be made by credit card. Other options (cash, certified cheque or money order) can be made by special request. Contact to make alternate arrangements.
5** Complete the online course called Respect in Sport – Parent
  • This is a compulsory, one-time online course which must be completed by at least one family member before a child will be allowed to skate. 
  • If you’ve taken the course before for another child, you don’t need to take it again.  
  • To avoid complications, please register for the course only AFTER you have completed Steps 1-3. 
  • Use this link to take the course only AFTER you’ve received your email confirmation:
NOTE: Respect is Sport is MANDATORY, and will be audited before your child 
will be allowed to step on the ice. Failure to complete the course before September 1st 
may result  in loss of important ice time at the start of the season! 


  • * Steps 1 & 2 are one-time processes, which will not need to be repeated in future years for the same child.
  • ** Step 5 (Respect in Sport -- Parent) is a one-time course per household. If at least one parent completed this course previously for an older child, it does not need to be repeated, but each player's account must be properly linked to the parent's Hockey Canada account that holds the certification. 

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is avalable for those who qualify  Please download the  Sponsorship Application  and return it to the Registrar at