Register a New Player

This form is used to request a new Hockey Canada account, and should be used only for players who are new to organized hockey in Canada.

If you are looking to register a returning player, or your player is returning to hockey but moving into the West End catchment area, please click here  for Returning User registration or the Transfer application form.


As a player new to hockey, there is a three-part registration process:

  1. Complete the Account Request form below. This is a one-time process which will be used to create an account in the national Hockey Canada Registry for your child. You will not have to repeat this step in future seasons.
  2. Once your child's account is created, you will receive instructions on how to create your own parent account in the Hockey Canada registry, and associate it with your child.
  3. Register for the season! A link to registration will also be provided when you receive confirmation that your child's account is in place.


Please have the following 5 items available prior to completing the application:

  1. Verified address: Please refer to this site to verify that your address falls within the West End catchment area. If you are not sure, please contact
  2. Division: Players should be registered into a division based on their age as of Dec. 31st of this year:
    Age as of Dec. 31 Division
    4-5 U6
    6 U7
    7-8 U9
    9-10 U11
    11-12 U13
    13-14 U15
    15-17 U18
    18-20 U21
  3. Player Name: Please ensure it is properly spelled, and used consistently with your hockey registrations (i.e. “Eddie” OR “Edward”) Using nicknames and proper names interchangeably will result in duplicate records or other complications.
  4. Address and Contact information
  5. Digital copies of proof of age and residency: Be prepared to attach scans or photos of proof of age (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport) and proof of residency (current utility/phone/cable/internet bill, driver's license, mortgage statement, etc. with local address). These files will be uploaded to a secure Google Drive, and destroyed once verified.

Form Submission

Ues this form for registration  2022-23_registration_form_new_and_transfers.doc.  Once completed email the form to  along with the digital copies of proof of age and residency

The form can also be printed and dropped off in the mailbox marked Registrar at Dulude Arena once it reopens. Please be patient, as manual processing will incur some delays.